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DCDC Training

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Class Description

BICSI DCDC Test Preparation Class

BISCI recognizes 20CEC’s upon successful completion of this TIER 4 course.

The Tier 4 Training DCDC Preparation Class is a full 2-day (20 CEC's) or 3-day (27 CEC's) course that provides an in-depth review of best practices involved in designing data centers. In this course, you will review the critical steps and considerations for developing a data center design, from determining reliability and redundancy needs prior to site selection, through the process of designing critical infrastructure systems. All major facets of the data center design process are covered, with emphasis given to electrical, HVAC, telecommunications cabling, automation and control systems.

Topics covered include
• Data centers and the design process
• Risk, reliability and class rankings
• Site location
• Building specifications
• IT equipment and aisle layout
• Computer room layout and design
• Data center electrical systems
• Data center cooling
• Data center telecommunications and cabling
• Data center security and fire protection
• Automation and control systems
• Green data centers
• Commissioning and maintenance planning

Required class material
The CURRENT BICSI Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices Standard is the only required class material. It can be purchased directly from BICSI and is not included in the cost of the class. Please visit the BICSI website to purchase this book bicsi.org


About the Instructor


As an International Instructor of the Year, a world class speaker and trainer for over 10 Years Dave Sanders has successfully authored and maintained multiple Professional Education Classes. Dave brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to Tier 4 Training as the Director of Education. Dave is an International Instructor of the Year and Telecommunications Speaker of the Year. He has successfully taught several hundred of the 7000 BICSI RCDD’s in the world. Dave employs the mantra “leave no man behind” in his classes and his work. He shows his students, audiences, customers and co-workers how to make every Mission Possible.










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