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 "My name is J. Kramer and I am a manager at RagingWire Data Centers in Sacramento, CA. My colleagues and I have been attending BICSI conferences and training courses for over twenty years. I have decided to write you this letter as our BICSI president, because I was recently exposed to a one of a kind experience. I attended an RCDD prep course hosted by Arrow Wire and Cable and instructed by David Sanders, RCDD/NTS/OSP.  This was no ordinary class; it was a life changing experience for everyone in the class.

David has the ability to get people excited about BICSI again and his passion to expose all the services and opportunities that BICSI offers, was an eye opener for everyone. Several years ago I attended a speech given by David and a gentleman named Brian Ensign, in front of 1200 people at a Graybar convention.  Back then this crowd of 1200 was laughing, speechless and motivated. I have never seen an ambassador of BICSI with this level of motivational skill and such care of BICSI philosophy. It is my opinion that this gentleman’s work cannot go unnoticed. Thank you for your time!"

Jeff Kramer
ISD Data Center Electrical & Data Foreman
RagingWire Data Centers, Inc.



"I recently had the opportunity to attend an RCDD training seminar in phoenix. The instructor for this seminar was Dave Sanders. This was by far the best seminar I have ever had the opportunity to attend. The instructor was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.

Dave Sanders was very knowledgeable and has a passion for teaching the RCDD. As an educated professional, I have rarely come across an instructor that enjoys what he is teaching and has the ability to captivate an audience with such ease. Dave’s teaching methods were motivating and kept the class interacted throughout the whole 3 days.

Dave has a passion to see his students succeed and complete the RCDD exam.
Through getting to know some of my classmates, I could tell that some of them have been studying for a long time and had become discouraged. By the end of the second day, I could see the discouragement disappearing and an excitement about BICSI and getting their RCDD taking its place. I have to admit, when you sit down with the TDMM and start to read, it feels as if you will never be able to retain all of the information that is before you. Dave was able to make the learning fun, and I was able to learn so much more than reading alone. I have a sense of accomplishment that would never have been possible without attending the seminar with Dave Sanders."

Martina Harrison
Telecommunications Designer
GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc.



"Thank you so very much for graciously hosting the RCDD class in Kent a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I learned quite a bit in just a few short days, and using Dave Sander’s study methods, I am learning more still.  I will, after this exam, certainly look into BICSI more and see what other courses are offered and attend a few conferences.

Dave presented the class with passion and excitement, things that are somewhat rare these days.  In fact, it was quite inspirational. Having struggled through some personal tragedies in the recent past, it is great to be excited and motivated again.
I certainly intend to come to future events hosted by Graybar and BICSI."

David E. Schmidt, CDT
Senior Electrical Designer
Mechanical and Electrical Engineers





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